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  • Image of Oppo HM-31
  • Image of Oppo HM-31

The OPPO HM-31 Advanced 3x1 HDMI Switch is able to expand a single HDMI input port on your HDTV to connect up to three HDMI sources, such as DVD, Blu-ray or HD-DVD players, cable or satellite receivers, and gaming consoles. No longer bound by the limited HDMI connectivity on most HDTVs, home theater users can expand the number of source devices thanks to the OPPO HDMI switch.

The OPPO HM-31 HDMI Switch is among the very few HDMI switches to pass the official HDMI 1.3 certification test. The certification ensures that the HM-31 HDMI Switch is compatible with all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p and PC resolutions up to 1920x1200. Equipped with advanced HDMI 1.3 features such as Deep Color, higher bandwidth and a signal equalizer, the HM-31 HDMI Switch is ready to support the latest generation of home theater products.

The HM-31 HDMI Switch transmits rich, vibrant images and sound while maintaining the highest in video and audio quality. It is EIA/CEA-861D, DVI 1.0, and HDCP 1.1 compliant and supports DDC and HPD switching to ensure maximum device compatibility. Equipped with a remote control, this switch provides the option of resting on a table-top or mounted on a wall. Custom home theater installers will find the IR input and RS232 remote control convenient options for integration. With the worries of HDMI connectivity problems put behind by the HM-31 HDMI Switch, it's now the time to enjoy your HD entertainment, whether it's from your favorite OPPO up-converting DVD player or any other HDMI source.


  • Easy and convenient selection from up to three HDMI sources
  • HDMI 1.3 specification with DDC and HPD switching
  • Fully supports 1080p, Deep Color , and all HDTV resolutions
  • EIA/CEA-861D, DVI 1.0, HDCP 1.1 compliant
  • Long cable support with built-in equalizer
  • Maintains highest video and audio quality
  • Remote control
  • Custom installation options - external IR input and RS-232C port

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