• Image of Monster MCX-1s
  • PEX™ dielectric for greater clarity and improved high frequency detail.
  • Magnetic Flux Tube® construction for maximum bass response and more natural sound.
  • Advanced compact design - ideal for home theater, audiophile systems, and remote speakers.
  • UL CL3-Rated for in-wall use.

High-End Performance in a Compact Low-Cost Speaker Cable Design

High performance speakers are a critical part of any high-end home theatre or music system. As the final link in the audio chain, they can make or break the way your favorite music and film soundtracks sound. But in order to get all the performance your carefully chosen speakers are capable of delivering, it's important that you connect them with the highest quality speaker cables you can afford. Thanks to MCX-1s, audiophile sound quality is now easier than ever to achieve.

Advanced M Series Technologies for the Most Accurate Transfer of Audio Signals

MCX-1s incorporates our famous Time Correct® windings for the most accurate transfer of low, mid and high frequencies. And like our M Series® speaker cables, it features our proprietary PEX™ dielectric for lower dynamic noise with greater clarity and high frequency detail - for ultimate realism in your favorite music and film soundtracks.

Magnetic Flux Tube® Construction with a Flexible Jacket for Easy Installation

MCX-1s features a Magnetic Flux Tube in each conductor to control distortion - producing magnetic fields for exceptional clarity and improved soundstage. Multiple bundles of ultra high purity copper are specially wound around the Magnetic Flux Tube for faster transient response, wider dynamic range, more dimensional midrange, and greater power and clarity. All this performance is packed into a flexible, compact, abrasion-resistant Duraflex® jacket, making MCX-1s especially easy to manage in multi-channel home theatre surround and remote speaker installations.

Convenience and Performance for Audiophile Music and Film Systems

The M Series MCX-1s combines ultimate flexibility and affordability in an audiophile quality speaker cable specially designed for high-end home theatre and music systems.

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