Airborne EMI and RF noise has more tricks for sneaking into A/V components than a cat burglar. An often overlooked entry point is any unused female RCA jack on the back of an amp, preamp, receiver, etc.

Cardas RCA Caps fit over unused female RCA connectors in your system to eliminate EMI and RF noise absorption. Unlike traditional shorting plugs, these caps do not short the inputs, and many preamps don't like shorted inputs.

Another unique feature of Cardas RCA Caps is that they completely cover RCA inputs with a solid shield of nickel and brass to prevent both EMI and RFI from entering the chassis through the RCA dielectric. This is a more elegant and probably more effective solution than either shorting plugs or wrapping the plug in aluminum foil. Cardas caps have the additional benefit of protecting the RCA input from dust and corrosion. When you're ready to use the input, pull off the Cardas RCA Cap and your input will be clean and ready.

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