Team has been specifically designed to adapt to any environment, any application. On its own it can be used as a highly efficient, sensitive bookshelf speaker, professional equipment monitor or used with the aid of the unique Solid port bug-plug in outdoors applications.

With its magnetically shielded design it is ideal for use as a TV surround loudspeaker. Its integral wall mounting brackets meaans it can be suspended from walls or ceiling in any room in the house.

Whilst the Team delivers as good, if not better bass extension than other loudspeakers twice its size, it's when the Team links up with the Teambass Subwoofer that it really shows its power. With a special front vent design to accentuate the low frequencies, teams peak power handling in its own right is impressive at around 75 watts, but with the Teambass this is boosted to in excess of 100 watts.

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