The Morning Glory interconnect cable from Bocchino Audio is a radical approach to wire and cable construction. Utilising either the BrendaTM B2 RCA or Brenda B3 RCA connector Morning Glory represents the first of the Palm Friday 2004 topology designs . What the design allows is the rapid evacuation of the return line in the dual nature of cable topology ( Signal and Return ). Congestion is cleared up rapidly enabling a clean and crisp audition of the music being relayed.

The Morning Glory cable design does not emphasise any single frequency band at the exclusion of any other. Effortless liquidity with no constraints on signal throughput are evident from the first listen. Instruments and vocals become well placed in an acoustic space. The Morning Glory cables possesses one of the quietest background of any cable heard. Some would say very dark! Dynamic range is almost open ended allowing the reproduction of music with soft being soft and allowing the loudest passages through unimpeded! There is no 'grain' often complained of in cables using lesser connectors, brass and minimalist designs. Music reproduction is more wholesome and better defined. Everything is more tightly controlled with instruments clearly marked at their intended location in the sound image portrayed and do not wander. Listening is as fatigue free as is technologically possible. There is no perceptible smearing of the acoustic holographic image location and there is a better portrayal of image depth and 3D acoustic space! Clearly defined spatial cues of the performance venue are more discernible giving a "being there" feeling when listening. The Morning Glory has the uncanny property of keeping time and pace with the most complex and dynamic passages without running out of breath,ever! The first result is that one listens to everything again and again garnering more information than was possible before.

Many listeners have noted the timbral accuracy of all instruments heard with the Morning Glory; Harp pluck and violin sonnance the difference between oboe and bassoon and clarinet are more marked and obvious while electronic keyboard is heard as pure notes without fuzz or deterioration. Distinctions and spacing between piano and harpsichord notes played at a rate of knots are clear without one strike rolling over to the next. Each note is given its pride of place with effortless tenacity and lucidity. </p

Percussion and bass drum slam are the most realistic ever translated from source to speaker. There is a real kick here!

Morning Glory cables are fully hand built and tested by Bocchino Audio.

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