• Image of MSB Viton Feet
  • Image of MSB Viton Feet
  • Image of MSB Viton Feet

Few things are as divisive as audiophile feet. Grounded vs. isolated. We have tended to encourage our customers to choose what they prefer by providing a standard M6x1 threaded receiver (which we will still have). If you are familiar with our history, we have circled between solid spikes, rubber feet, and at times shipped with both. As we continue to refine our products, the need for product feet that meet our level of performance and aesthetics has worked its way to the top of our to do list. Here is our solution.


  • 303 Stainless Steel Material
  • Available Finishes:
    • Stainless
    • Black Stainless
    • Gold
  • Crafted in California
  • Mechanical and electrical isolation
  • Viton tipped
    • Non-marking
    • Oil and Chemical Resistant
    • High Ozone Resistance
    • Long-term elasticity
  • Soft tip reduces chassis strain though better weight distribution
  • Product Compatibility
    • The Select Series
    • The Reference Series
    • The Premier Series
    • The Discrete Series
    • The DAC V Series
    • The Analog DAC

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