Hybrid Technology

Almost every cable from Indigo and above uses this very cost-effective technique for greatly reducing distortion. AudioQuest Hybrid Technology takes advantage of an effect very similar to that obtained with bypass capacitors. In electronics and speaker crossovers, distortion is dramatically lowered by using a high quality/small value capacitor in parallel with a lower quality/large value capacitor. The total expense is closer to the cost of the less expensive type of capacitor alone, while the performance is closer to that which would be provided by a far more expensive high quality/high value capacitor. In our case we mix solid conductors using different grades of metal. The cost is closer to only using the lesser metal, while the performance is closer to only using the superior material.

This beneficial effect is further increased when combined with Spread Spectrum Technology. Due to skin-effect, the smaller conductors are superior at higher frequencies. Even though all conductors use the same metal, it is the smaller conductors in Type 6 that determine the character of the entire cable. This bias towards the sonic signature of the smaller conductors magnifies the benefits of using superior metal in only the smaller conductors, as in Indigo and others.

AudioQuest Indigo uses the same incredibly efficient design as Type 6. Same conductor sizes, same geometry, but very different metal. The 21 awg and 19 awg conductors are extremely long-grain FPC copper. Spread Spectrum and Hybrid technologies combine to provide stunning performance in this dark blue cable. Excellent as a single biwire, or in a double biwire with Type 6, Indigo as the bass cable.

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