• Image of Shunyata SideWinder Gold
  • Image of Shunyata SideWinder Gold
  • Image of Shunyata SideWinder Gold
  • Image of Shunyata SideWinder Gold
  • Image of Shunyata SideWinder Gold

The term "statement" or "reference" is usually reserverd for a manufacturer's most expensive product. At Shunyata Research, we have gone to extraordinary lenghts to insure that our least expensive products make the strongest statement about our company. Although the SideWinder has been the recipient of awards and critical acclaim, and has been one of the most commercially successful power cords available, Shunyata Research has engineerd a means to improve it without adding substantiall to its cost.

The SideWinder Gold is manufactured with the same extreme standards of quality and craftsmanship that have been employed in PowerSnakes more expensive products. The custom-made high purity conductors, proprietary alloys, noise-reducing extruded sleeve and exclusive VENOM connectors that are deployed in SideWinder Gold, have combined to produce an award winning product of extraordinary value. Simply put, the SideWinder Gold is the embodiment of Shunyata Research's goal to produce the finest performing power-line products at real world prices.

Proprietary VENOM connectors of silver and gold enhance the conductive and wear characteristics of all PowerSnake Products

Shunyata Research not only manufactures the wire, alloys, dielectrics and patent pending materials used in its products, it is also the only company in the industry that treats the contacts of its power cords with an expensive, 3-step, co-plating process of silver and gold. The thickness of the silver plate is more than 20-50 times that of conventionally plated connectors. This custom plating process provides superior integrity, lower junction impedance and long-term durability. This is just one of the many features that elevate the performance of PowerSnakes SideWinder Gold to a standard all its own.

SideWinder Gold's elegant form serves its refined function

SideWinder Gold's precision crafted build and elegant finish are common to all PowerSnakes products, emphasizing Shunyata Research's commitment to excellence in design. SideWinder Gold's flexible body will bend around tight corners and fit behind any rack with ease, making it the perfect companion to any music or Home-Entertainment system.

The SideWinder Gold was conceived and engineered to bring out the finest in performance from all audio and video components. Feedback and reviews show the SideWinder Gold to be the runaway choice for high power draw components, yet there are also a number of enthusiastic reports from those who use it on their line, phone, and source components. The SideWinder Gold has all the original SideWinder's pace, rhythm and drive, while adding a further degree of silence, purity and refinement ot its award winning performance.

...The SideWinder defines new craftsmanship and parts quality standards at an affordable price...

  • Exclusive conductors designed and manufactured by Shunyata Research
    • OFHC copper and silver 10 gauge conductors
    • Minimum power dissipation dielectrics
    • No reactive capacitors or inductors ensures reliability and component compatibility
  • Custom extruded sleeve
    • Superior flexibility - easy cable routing
    • Fully shielded for RFI/EMI rejection
    • Custom noise and vibration canceling materials added to extrusion process
    • Attractive clear mesh outer sleeve
  • PowerSnakes VENOM IEC connector
    • Solid brass contacts
    • Unique silver and rhodium co-plating process
    • 20 times the thickness of standard plating
  • Finest quality hand-craftsmanship and construction techniques

A product 'Statement' of quality

Because SideWinder Gold will find its way into the widest variety of homes and applications, we have expended proportionately more time, energy and money in making it an exceptional cost-to-performance value in the PowerSnakes line-up. The SideWinder Gold's specialized materials, custom plating and hand assembly are unheard of elsewhere at it's low price, yet is perfectly in line with PowerSnakes mission to set new standards of performance for affordable products. We invite you to compare, and experience the difference that the SideWinder Gold can make in the highest quality music and video systems.

The award winning SideWinder Gold infuses sound with rhythmic energy and an incisive nimble character. Its low impedance and 100% shielding will deliver the subtle dynamics, vivid tones and silent background that keeps music and video enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. The SideWinder Gold's ultra flexible form and hand-crafted elegance make it the perfect fit in any home-entertainment system.

  • All tube components
  • Naturally voiced solid-state components (Pass, Plinius etc)
  • Analog source components,
  • Power distribution products
  • Sub-woofers
  • Budget video and digital products.

Making the SideWinder Gold a 'Reviewers Choice' product is easy given its price, broad applicability and sonic acuity

Marc Mickelson, Soundstage!

this power cord is a killer, who would think that a power cord would make such a drastic change in how much more music you hear in your system.


The SideWinder Gold is used throughout the reviewing community, and among electronics and speaker manufacturers as a power reference for listening and design. The SideWinder Gold is also used in several recording studios due to its physical flexibility and exemplary performance.

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