• Image of Shunyata Black Mamba V2
  • Image of Shunyata Black Mamba V2

In addition to other design refinements, the Black Mamba v2 utilizes PowerSnakes patent-pending FeSi-1000 compounds to significantly reduce noise and enhance the reproduction of both music and video systems. The Black Mamba v2 distinguishes itself from the original Black Mamba with Shunyata Research's latest advancements in technology, including PowerSnakes exclusive VENOM connectors and twist-link conductor geometry. These refinements blend seamlessly with Black Mamba v2's proprietary noise reduction and high-current capability to form a benchmark of industrial design.

The original Black Mamba was one of the most commercially successful products of its kind, and is still used as a reference by reviewers, manufacturers and consumers from around the world. The PowerSnakes Black Mamba v2 continues in that tradition by providing a significant reduction in background noise without the compressive, current-limiting side-effects of "line conditioners", "filters" and inductive coils.

Product Specifications

Exclusive power conductors
  • 10 gauge OFHC copper & silver
  • Twist-link geometry
  • Reduced capacitive and inductive reactance
  • Minimal Teflon power-loss dielectrics
Hermetically sealed flexible tubing
  • Superior flexibility
  • Easy cable routing
  • Massive one inch diameter
FeSi-1000 Noise reduction compound
  • PowerSnakes exclusive - multiple pending patents
  • Passive operation - no physical connection to conductors
  • No reactive capacitors or inductors
  • Ensures component compatibility and reliability
PowerSnakes VENOM connectors
  • Unique silver and rhodium co-plated contacts
  • 20-50 times thicker than conventional plating
  • Large gauge, solid brass base metals
  • Clear polycarbonate connector housings
  • Carbon and magnetic free materials

Five year parts and labor warranty

Finest in handcraftsmanship and construction

Application suggestions

  • All digital and video sources
  • Digital and video processors
  • Selected solid-state and pre-amplifiers
    • Bryston
    • Classe
    • Krell
    • Spectral
    • Theta

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