• Image of PS Audio Dectet
  • Image of PS Audio Dectet
  • Image of PS Audio Dectet
h4>Our very best entry level power center

The Dectet is an active three zone, ten outlet power center producing cleaned unrestricted AC power for an entire high-end audio or video system.

Filtration is handled through large-core high permeability magnetic devices wound with heavy gauge OFC windings. The Dectet offers both common mode and differential mode filtering you can both measure and hear the benefits for yourself. Protection is handled by an internal measurement system that automatically determines over/under voltage conditions as well as full surge and spike protection.

Each of the Power Port outlets on the Dectet are hand wired with a star wiring system that provides similar benefits to having individualdedicatedlines feeding each piece in your high-end audio system.

This is true high-end, despite its entry level pricing. Use the Dectet for you entire system to clean, protect and improve.

Bring new life into your music

If you've been searching for a way to bring new life, body and dynamics into your music system at a price you can afford, then you've come to the right place. The Dectet Power Center can handle the power delivery for everything in your system and once you've heard what this beauty can do, there's no going back. Compared to just about any power conditioner you've tried and, certainly, plugging your gear straight into the wall socket, the Dectet will give you improved dynamics, increased harmonic integrity and an open spacious soundstage that can be breathtaking.

The Dectet Power Center is built for your entire system. Ten Power Port outlets, each individually hand wired to the power input, are available on the Dectet regardless of what country or voltage system your system runs on. That's right, now for the first time with a PS Power Center, every voltage and country's receptacle requirements are covered with a complete set of ten outlets.

The Dectet handles your equipment with three isolated zones, one for high current equipment, another for analog and a third for digital and video equipment. Regardless of what type of equipment you are powering and protecting the Dectet can handle the entire load for you.

IsoZones bring clarity

PS Audio's proprietary IsoZone technology brings independence and improved clarity between equipment when isolated through one of the Dectet's three zones.

The High Current IsoZone of the Dectet provides two outlets designed specifically to handle even the biggest power amplifiers, sub woofers, receivers or even large screen televisions. What's important in a high current zone is to provide unrestricted power with low common mode noise and that's exactly what you get with the High Current Zone on the Dectet. You can plug in a pair of monoblock power amplifiers, a big or small stereo amp or anything requiring high power and not worry at all about restricting the energy needs of your amps.

Works for an entire system

The Dectet is specifically designed as our entry level system power center providing clean, safe and unrestricted AC power to the entire system. If you cannot manage the added costs of a Power Plant regenerator then the next best choice is the Dectet Power Center to get it right.

IsoZones for sources

For source equipment the Dectet provides two isolated and filtered zones that provide both common mode as well as differential mode filtering. The high sensitivity to power line issues that most source equipment is prone to can be handled through one of these two source IsoZones. Because there are two identical double filtration IsoZones designed for sources we recommend you place all of your digital equipment into one and your analog products into the other for best performance.

Isolation helps soundstage imaging by reducing the interaction between components so what you hear is far better separation of instruments and voices with the Dectet. And because the Dectet's filtration is handled by our large core heavy gauge magnetic filtration devices, there's never anyimpact, dynamics or musical energy lost when isolating equipment via the IsoZones.

Over under voltage protection

All ten receptacles of the PS Audio Dectet are continually monitored by the device's internal voltage measurement system. Should the incoming voltage exceed 20% or fall 25% belowyour country's nominal voltage the Dectet will automatically shut down, fully protecting everything connected to it. As soon as the power levels on your power line return to acceptable levels, the power on the Dectet is restored, thus protecting everything connected from potential damage.

Take control of your system and reap the rewards

Certainly the finest power products in the world are thePS Audio Power PlantAC regenerators that take the power from your home's wall receptacle, convert it to DC and then back again to perfect, low distortion power to drive your equipment. But that technology is expensive and not affordable for every system. Yet power remains one of the most critical factors in getting all your system has to offer.

The alternatives to Power Plants that really work without compromising dynamics, harmonics and the life of your music are either very expensive or few and far between. The PS Audio Dectet Power Center is certainly the best alternative to a Power Plant for any size system.

Bring the life back into your system and the music back into your home with perfected and protected power through the Dectet Power center.

Your local PS Audio dealer will be happy to let you try one in your home or answer any question you might have about the technology inside as well as the performance and protection benefits offered by this beautiful piece of hand crafted equipment.

Hand built in Boulder

Dectets are hand-built in our Boulder Colorado facilities with craftsmen that care about music and what we ship out the door. There's a great deal of pride and care that go into every Dectet built, despite the fact it is one of our lower cost products.

You can be sure when a Dectet Power Center leaves the PS Audio manufacturing facility that every care has been taken to ensure its proper performance. What this means is simple: when you place it in your system, it'll honor the music in every way.

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