Cable Usage

Cable Usage

The following interlinks are being used:

  • Burmester Silver XLR (Linn Klimax DS -> ARC MP1, Oppo UDP-205 -> ARC MP1 & ARC MP1 -> Burmester 911)
  • ViaBlue NF-S1 (ARC MP1 -> Velodyne DD-12)
  • Transparent MusicLink Ultra XL (Oppo UDP-205 -> ARC MP1)
  • Audioquest Forest Ethernet (Routers + NAS)
  • Audioquest Carbon Ethernet (Linn Klimax DS, Oppo UDP-205)
  • Van Den Hul Optocoupler (UPC -&tg; Oppo UDP-205)
  • Monster SuperThin HDMI (Oppo UDP-205 -> Samsung TV & UPC Dig TV -> Samsung TV)

The following speaker cable is being used:

  • Transparent MusicWave Super XL, Bi-Wiring (Main Speakers)
  • Tag McLaren F3-10-SPK (Surround)

The following powercables are used:

  • Audioquest NRG-X2 (Samsung Television)
  • Hifi TUNiNG C7 (UPC Dig. TV)
  • PS Audio Dectet
  • Shunyata Black Mamba (Vibex)
  • Shunyata King Cobra (Oppo UDP-205)
  • Shunyata Mojave (Burmester 911)
  • Shunyata Sidewinder Gold (Velodyne DD-12, PS Audio PPP 3, Linn Klimax DS)
  • Shunyata Taipan Alpha (ARC MP1)